Self-pay patients

Our private patients benefit from no waiting time to see the consultant to care for you personally. You can choose an appointment time that suits you. After initial consultation, if surgical treatment is required it can be done in very short waiting time and the procedures currently not offered under NHS can also be availed.

Getting Referred:
Generally you will need to be referred by an optometrist or your GP to be seen by an ophthalmologist privately, so please ask them to refer you to Mr. Viswanathan. Please contact us to get further information about how to get referred.  To determine whether you require a referral letter, please contact us on 07307 22 77 22 or to make an online enquiry click here.

Your GP or optometrist can refer you in the following way:

By emailing us securely:

By Phoning us: 07307 22 77 22

By a referral letter personally handed to you to give it to us.

Without a Referral letter Often you can book a private consultation without a referral letter. This will further reduce your waiting time to see a consultant. If this is the best option for you, please contact us on 07307 22 77 22 to book a self-referral appointment.

Book a consultation When you get the referral you can contact us directly to book an appointment with Mr.Viswanathan at a time convenient to you.

During you appointment Your appointment with the consultant may last up to an hour, this depends on the specific reason you have been referred and if any additional testing is required.

  • What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring along your glasses, a list of your current medications and any other relevant letters or documents concerning your health or eye care.

  • Can I drive to and from my appointment?

You may have your eyes dilated to examine the back of your eyes which means you will not be able to drive for 4-6 hours afterwards.

  • Will I be informed about the diagnosis immediately?

Majority of the time you will be informed about the diagnosis, on the day of your consultation. Treatment options and its cost will be discussed at the end of consultation. You will also be advised about when this treatment could take place during this consultation. You will also receive a letter from the consultant explaining your condition, confirming your diagnosis and treatment options.